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GRC 2020 - Happy New Year Holidays   It is time for us to wish you happy holidays at the end of the year. We will be back in early January.   The date of the GRC will be from October 22 (...)
The cancellation of the event "Grand Raid des Cathares" by the prefectural decree of 23/10/18 has created significant logistical, human and financial difficulties, for runners as well as for volunteer (...)
As of Friday October 18th, the RCMP organization has used some of its resources to help. I wish to thank all our volunteers audois, Occitan, Aquitaine but also from all the other regions for their de (...)
Factual time-series Grand raid des Cathares 2018   The goal is just to tell you the facts as they unfolded Lundi 15 Octobre 2018 - In the night from Sunday to Monday, October 15, excepti (...)
Hello, The Grand Raid of the Cathars was canceled on prefectural decision before the eve of the race at 22h20, ie Tuesday, October 23 at 22h20. At first, we need to take stock of the situation (...)