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To facilitate your trip in our region of Aude Cathare country (France), and to join your favorite riders, here is the interactive Google Map that will accompany you on your journeys.
Also indicated are the car parks, accommodations, the location of our partners.
Good road and ... be careful

actu info pratique Carte GRC  2017


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The New Roadbook 2017 is arrived







    profil grc 2017 Roadbook grc 2017
profil rb 2017 Roadbook Raid des Bogomiles 2017
profil tc 2017 Roadbook Trail des Colombes 2017

etendard du Grand raid des cathares 2017



The start of the school year ? It is only for children!
While our "blond heads" sharpen their pencils, others use their soles ...
How about "completing" your sneakers in the Aude? Finish your trail season with a beautiful Ultra in Cathar land starting from the largest medieval city in Europe? ...
Many choices :

Le Grand raid des Cathares 174 km 7700 m D+, 
Le Raid des Bogomiles 101 km 4300 m D+  ( Raid des Bogomiles  full duo  )
le Trail des Colombes 40 Km 1300 m D+

Join the adventure Registration until October 8, 2017

Nouvelle vidéo GRC 2017

Grand Raid des Cathares (174 km pour 7700 D+)

Raid des Bogomiles  Trail des Colombes

(101 km pour 4300 D+)            (40 Km 1300 m D+)


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[For a cleaner world]

After 2 editions, our successive surveys have shown that more than 70% of the trailers came to Carcassonne by car, it seemed obvious to us to find an innovative solution to reduce the ecological impact on the territory that is dear to us, to preserve our wild environment in order to So that your stay remains an unforgettable Trail experience. And by the way preserve your wallet too!

The Grand Raid of the Cathars has reached an agreement with a new innovative car pooling platform which in addition to proposing and taking into account passengers also takes into account your sports equipment, travel with sports enthusiasts like you, Reducing your expenses and greenhouse gases.

Come to the Grand des Cathares in Carcassonne by car sharing with DRIVE2SPOT!

bandeau drive2spot

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etendard du Grand raid des cathares 2017

New Vidéo GRC 2017


Nouvelle vidéo GRC 2017



Price change

from June 7, 2017

 Grand Raid des Cathares 

(174 km pour 7700 D+)

   Raid des Bogomiles  

(101 km pour 4300 D+)


  Trail des Colombes

(40 Km 1300 m D+)


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Your adventure starts here-Opening of registration

etendard du Grand raid des cathares 2017Opening of registration
On January 9, 2017 starting at 5:00 pm

 Grand Raid des Cathares 

(174 km  7700 D+)

   Raid des Bogomiles  

(101 km  4300 D+)


  Trail des Colombes

(40 Km 1300 m D+)


              ♦   Your adventure starts here


Teaser Grand raid des Cathares Aude Carcassonne France 






We make the little parties of end of the year as it is necessary,

We digest quietly and ...

We open the registration on January 9, 2017 at 5:00 pm !












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