Race limited to the first 260 runners Race


 The Grand Raid des Cathares is a long distance medieval adventure of approx 174km with a positive elevation of 7700m. It is a one loop course with multiple checkpoints. It can be completed as a team of 2 or solo. If chosing the team option, each member must start and finish the race together.

The course is marked with multiple checkpoints along the way. It starts from the Porte de Narbonne in the medieval city of Carcassonne

Thursday 24 Octobre 2019 at 6:00pm

A few hundred metres from the start, runners will be stunned by the beautie of the area. The course is varied with single tracks, small villages…

You will go through amazing sceneries of this region with maginicifient forests, the beautiful moountains of the Pyrenees…

The cut off time is 46 hours to complete the race


The course has 13 checkpoints

Compulsory equipment


For safety reason, we have enclosed a list of compulsory equipment

Please refer to the compuslory equipment list

 GRC2017 CRI1640 FINAL GF GRC2017 CBU 3219 GF