Your compulsory equipment will be checked when collecting your race bib


There will be checks of your compulsory equipment during and before the race


Temperature can vary a lot and so we require runners to carry the following :




▪ 2 head lamps with spare batteries

▪ A survival blanket

▪ A whistle

▪ 1.5l of water

▪ food

▪ A 2nd warm layer long rounds

▪ A rainy garment with hood, raincoat and respirante (Goretex or similar)

▪ A mobile phone in working order

▪ A personal tumber

▪ An adhesive elastic bandage (for strapping)

▪ Pair of gloves

▪ ID

▪ A twinkling red light hung on(collided) behind the bag


For hygiène reasons, no glass will be offered in the checkpoints

Hence it being in the compulsory equipment list

walking sticks, they must be carried for the entire duration of the race