The cancellation of the event "Grand Raid des Cathares" by the prefectural decree of 23/10/18 has created significant logistical, human and financial difficulties, for runners as well as for volunteers and the organization.  learn more

After several hours of meetings, during which we discussed our motivation to renew the event in 2019, we looked at our financial capabilities.

The organization now has the means to offer a reduced fee to all registered participants in 2018. This reduction has been well thought out and calculated on a balance sheet basis.

For 2018 runners who have not been able to participate, you will find below the registration details for 2019-2020:

Dossard 2019

Runner 2018
from February 24 to June 23

New runner

from February 24 to June 23

Grand Raid des Cathares (168 km)   105 € 145 €
Raid des Bogomiles (101 km)     59 € 86 €
Trail des Hérétiques (65 km)     36 € 52 €
Trail des Colombes (41km)     29 € 40 €
Trail Nocturne du Château Comtal (12km)     11 € 15 €

Question 1: Who has access to this special price?

This price is valid for runners registered on the 2018 edition and could not run because of the cancellation by the prefecture of October 23, 2018.

 Question 2: How will I be able to benefit from this price?

When you register, you must specify your Bib number 2018 and your name.

Question 3: Can my spouse or friend benefit from this award in my place?

This price is only valid for the runner who could not run in 2018

Question 4: Last year, I ordered a meal of closing of the event, what condition do you offer?

The rider entered in 2018 will be offered his participation in the medieval meal / show of 2019 under reservation at the time of registration (subject to availability at the time of registration)

Question 5: What are the dates to register?

From February 24, 2019 to June 23, 2019 included. After this date, the normal price in effect 2019 will apply.

Question 6: My 2019 schedule is planned, I will not be able to come!

This price is applicable for 2019 OR 2020 (meal invitation show also)

Question 7: I want to register in a different format than in 2018, how is it going?

You choose the race you want.

Question 8: I want to find my number of Bib for my future registration, how should I proceed?

You will find here the list of registered 2018 with the number of Bibs HERE