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Grand raid des Cathares 2018


The goal is just to tell you the facts as they unfolded

Lundi 15 Octobre 2018

- In the night from Sunday to Monday, October 15, exceptional rainfall affected mainly the north and the center of the Department of Aude causing many overflowing rivers and major floods. Unfortunately, they caused 15 victims, a hundred wounded and a large number of victims and damage on the road network departmental.

Mardi 16 Octobre 2018

The organization contacts, by telephone, the town halls, some owners and the chiefs of post to assess the state of the trails and routes of the course: No major damage (on the GRC area). apart from the north and center of the course where some doubts are to be raised: especially on the Lauquet and lauquette. No problem on the south.During the telephone contacts with the town halls, the organization asks the elected officials for their opinion on whether to maintain the fourth edition of the RCMP. All are positioned for the maintenance, the event giving life and animation in the villages crossed.

With the agreement of municipalities and volunteers, the decision to reassure everyone is taken. A publication to this effect is posted - see Appendixhere

Mercredi 17 octobre 2018

 Without news of Molières on the Alberte, (following a power cut), the organization contacts the town hall of Arques (base of main life) to propose to them the departures of Ultras since the castle thus making it possible to avoid Molières .

- Following their agreement, the organization contacted a public transport company, thus allowing to convey the 600 runners: In this configuration, the 168 becomes 120 km, the 100 becomes 70, the other formats remain unchanged.

Jeudi 18 octobre 2018

 - We call the head of the SDIS to get his opinion on the situation. The latter orally validates the different solutions.

His reaction was: "ok for a delayed start in the case we would not have enough staff, I look at the schedule tomorrow".

Vendredi 19 octobre 2018

-   10h : the Prefecture, through the head of sports events, informs us of traffic difficulties on the department and accepts our proposals for approaches to securing, namely: the total recognition (220Km) of the course, the use of highways, the creation of an interactive map for accompanying persons. We agree to keep you informed.

14h : no affirmation from the Prefecture or the Director of Safety regarding the risky road zones in our sector. We do not understand the speech.

18h : A member of the organization travels to the town hall of Ladern to meet the mayor and its inhabitants. They assure us that the hamlet of Molières is accessible and will be operational for the RCMP.

Only doubt to lift: the passage on the 2nd Ladern Bridge.

Samedi 20 0ctobre 2018

-   12h40The mayor of Ladern establishes us a written complementary authorization assuring us the security and the maintenance of the demonstration on his village. Even the passage on the bridge is guaranteed for the runners.

Mayor's Mail attached: here

Recognition and trail markers continue, each area is actually run by volunteer runners.

Dimanche 21 Octobre 2018

The synthesis of the recognitions of all the courses generates the obligation to find an alternative on two points:

- The trail at the bottom of the Cavayère lake (Carcassonne) is impractical, but a solution is found in the day of Sunday to ensure a safe course for all riders.

- The Mas des Cours bridge is partly destroyed, a bypass solution via a fording downstream of the bridge is found allowing the passage of runners safely from Monday 22 in the morning.

Lundi 22 Octobre 2018

- as of Monday morning the marking of the courses begin.

- On Monday evening, as planned and heard with the Prefecture, we had the opportunity to make a final decision on the ability of the organization to fully or partially assume the event.

- The same evening, we remind the firefighters who guarantee us "to finish the planning" and indicate to us that there are difficulties. We will have an answer in the morning of Tuesday.

At this time, 100% of the supplies are delivered to the Dome or being delivered to the villages.

Mardi 23 octobre

4h : the management of the association finalizes a summary letter.

- 5h44 : Sending the summary mail2 to announce and finalize the continuity of the event

11h : Call of the Director of Security of the Prefecture: the discussion remains closed despite our proposals for partial demonstration and consultation "around a table" to present the different alternatives.

14h42 : We receive a e-mail "request cancellation of postponement" of the event signed by the prefect.

On this mail, it is well stipulated that the SDIS can only assume the days, the problem arises for the nights. The Prefecture has therefore taken the decision to cancel the event altogether.

The term "request for cancellation of report" has no meaning for us, we immediately call the Prefecture to understand the meaning.

At this point, 95% of the markup is done

14h50 : After 3 calls (on his mobile phone) to the Director of Security, without success, the President of the GRC Association calls with another device. The Security Director picks up immediately but when he understands who his interlocutor is, he puts him on hold for 15 minutes.

The telephone exchange remains sterile despite our warnings about:

        - the disappointment and commitment of the riders,

        - the will of the municipalities to maintain the event (written),

        - the evidence and the testimonies concerning the security of the course,

        - the restriction for accompanying persons of certain roads leading to refueling,

        - our proposals to maintain the races of days (65km, 40km, 12km),

        - the losses of economic benefits related to the event (booking hotels, commitment of partners ...)

17h00 : The head of the cabinet resumed the discussion and forced us to cancel the event in its entirety, "the 12 40 or 65 are not possible". The reasons remain unexplained to this day.

No news from the firefighters.

22h21 : Our communication manager immediately reacted and we informed the runners Immediately:

  • Facebook post of 23 October 20h ici
  • By mail (2 000 mails sent as of 22h07, last runners informed 6h05) is 250 mails per hour limit of our technical capacities.
  • By a news on the site ici

You will find attached the letters allowing you to fully understand the course of our event.

We are all volunteers of the association, we all prepare the "Grand Raid des Cathares" all year long, we have done our utmost for the event to take place.

We had no financial or human interest to cancel the races, nor to win to wait for a change of administrative decision: we were ready, the trails were largely secure, knowing that alternatives are always planned for this type of event.

We redistributed the foodstuffs and the 14 tons of water (planned for refreshments) to the town halls of Ladern, St Hilaire, Villemoustaussou, Trèbes and the solidarity food shop in Aude. We gave free to the organization of Fenouillèdes vertical marathon food and water (40 km on Sunday), and 200 runners were able to run south of the department at the bottom of the Galamus Gorge. The city of Carcassonne through its event center and the triathlon club of Carcassonne have recovered water and food.a little more in detail here 

More than 20 000 € of water and food were thus offered.

We dismounted, debited and stored for 4 days, we returned to our families and we resumed our respective jobs from Monday 29/10.

We are still stunned and disappointed by this incomprehensible decision and we are unable to overcome what is for us a real test.

In the coming days, we will publish the 2019 specific registration procedures for riders who could not participate in the Grand Raid des Cathares 2018 RCMP because of cancellation.

We sincerely hope that your solidarity will be concretized by your massive arrival in 2019.

You will find the registration details 2019 here 

  Part attached

  1. 16th October Facebook publication ici

  1. GRC Summary Mail 5h44 23 October 2018  ICI

  2. Ladern clearance for crossing the damaged bridge ICI

  3. Mail of the Mayor of Ladern 23 October 7:49 ici

  4. Message of support from the Mayor of Serres ici

  5. Sms of the Mayor of Villardebelle ici

  1. October 23rd Facebook posting ici

  1. Mail of request of cancellation of postponement of the prefecture. ici

  2. Courrier canceling the event by prefectural decree. ici