As of Friday October 18th, the RCMP organization has used some of its resources to help.

I wish to thank all our volunteers audois, Occitan, Aquitaine but also from all the other regions for their dedication, and their hard work.

At the Grand Raid des Cathares, we love everyone they come from Toulouse, Albi, Lyon, Bordeaux from Belgium, Italy, Spain or elsewhere.

Only their Big heart, their passion for ultra trail, for the territory of the Cathar country is their trademark.

In the wake of the prefectural decree, all the goods normally intended for the runners were given and distributed.

Thanks to the runners coming from 90 departments of France and 14 countries for their donation.

Thank you to those who came to see us during the tidying up, who helped us to debunk for some, who supported us morally and humanly, who came to share with us in the sadness the volunteer dinner of Friday night, cassoulet cathare normally intended for the closing meal.


Thanks to our partners:

 LOGO MONBIO   Nutrinat  Logo StYORRE vect HTE DEF  elis carca

logo leclerc carcassonneLOGO ELECLERC LIMOUX HDlogo peyrot renault

What we gave:

Product :

14 tons of flat and sparkling water (St Yorre group) (4500 € value)

30 Kg of Protein Pasta (Nutrinat-Monbio Castelnaudary)

3 tons of food riders (ham, gruyere, etc. ..) (association big raid of the Cathares) 10 000 €

150 pens

in summary 80% of the supplies were distributed to the village and 20% to the volunteers


With the graceful loan of transport trolley (Elis Carcassonne)

Transported by :

The Renault vehicles of the Peyrot Group Carcassonne and Limoux

The transporter BJ Transport express of Carcassonne

Humainement :

GRC volunteers were actively involved in handling all of these donations


Overall value of Donations + € 15,000 € 


Cities or associations receiving donations

Ladern sur Lauqet (publication FB)

Saint Hilaire


Epicerie Solidaire (publication)




Club de Triathlon de Carcassonne

Marathon du Vignoble verticale